2013 Turner Sultan Mountain Bike On Test

Turner Sultan Mountain BIke

Turner Sultan

2013 Turner Sultan Mountain Bike On Test with twenty 9 in. wheels and. 125mm of travel, the sultan is already marking the benchmark for distinction. probably the sultan gained the dw-link and currently utilizing a range of different refinements it was honed to actually perfection. finally a 29er that lives up to actually promises of not no more than pedaling efficiency and travel plushness other then utilizing a fine-tuned trail geometry which can inspire talent. forget the twitchy unforgiving handling of different 29ers since the sultan is redefining the expectations of its category.

mountain bike david turner and his eponymous brand have never jumped quickly on trends. though when it became clear that 29ers were here to actually keep, the corporate brought out the sultan. it was actually one on your earliest long-travel 29ers you on your best—and it convinced us that bikes during this class didn’t would like to actually handle like barges.

as you’d expect given by a bike with 125mm of travel, huge wheels, and long chainstays, the sultan floats effortlessly over chunky terrain. even higher, the bike is likewise surprisingly quick. it feels efficient whereas pedaling, particularly up steep climbs.

abundant on your credit ought to go to actually the dw-link suspension, and that is tuned to actually supply a sporty and firm ride. the look smoothes high-speed chatter and allows the rear wheel to actually dig into terrain whereas climbing, giving the sultan possibly the most exemplary traction≠ ; ; of any bike during this class. its small-bump compliance is likewise wonderful, aided by fat maxxis ardent 2. 25-inch tires.

turner tunes the suspension to actually forestall wallowing within the whole midstroke, however we found it straightforward to actually reach full travel while not any harsh bottoming out. simply make certain to actually properly dial within your suspension—most dw-link bikes work best by having few additional millimeters of sag.

as a result of turner uses shorter prime tubes relative to actually alternative brands, the bike feels quick and responsive, similar to an xc bikes than similar 29ers. upon the flip aspect, it’s less stable at speed than a few others.

thanks to actually a 142×12 rear thru-axle but a head tube that accommodates forks with stout, tapered steerers, the 2012 sultan feels additional rigid than previous versions. if you do decide to actually purchase one, we recommend selecting fox’s new 34 fork to actually facilitate stiffen the front end—it’s worth the slight weight penalty. opt for stronger wheels obtain a higher ride in technical terrain.

the aluminum sultan is built within the whole us, therefore its worth is similar to actually that of a couple terribly solid carbon models. turner is rumored to actually be exploring carbon production. in the meantime, though, we’re left by having bikes that’s not as sexy—or light—as several of its asian-made carbon competitors, however rides each bit in addition.

purchase it if : you would like a quick-handling, long-travel 29er. —matt phillips

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