2012 GMC Denali Road Bike User Review

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GMC Denali Road BikeĀ came with the everyday assembly required for a motorbike shipped during a cardboard box. Attach the steering column, front tire, seat, pedals, reflectors. Then alter brakes and fine tune gears. No massive deal. many totally different size allen wrenches, open finish wrenches, pliers, and a screwdriver were required. it had been not exhausting, however if you have ne’er place a motorbike along before it’d appear to be lots of labor, and you continue to may land up at a motorbike buy correct gear and brake changes.

Initial thoughts GMC DenaliĀ :

It is a pleasant wanting bike and since road bikes square measure just about solely oversubscribed in bike outlets, the majority can assume it value plenty quite it extremely did. a disciple asked if I spent “over $1,000″ on it.

I have no issues with build quality. The welds look smart, the bike appears solid, the seat tube work fine. i used to be stunned however well the frame fits my 6’0” size.

best prices on bikes, carbon road bikes, cruiser bikes, bicycles for sale, single speed road bikes, fixie bikes, GMC Denali road bikes

The Good Things GMC Denali:

> Nice looking bike

> Could pass for a much more expensive bike

> Lightweight

> Great gears, I hit 38.5mph on a downhill with some gear remaining, and managed 32.4mph on level ground with a tailwind (measured using handlebar mounted GPS receiver). I can cruise overall in the 16-20mph range for the first hour.

> Seat post clamps down nicely and is plenty long enough

The Bad Things:

> Seat angle does not appear to be adjustable and since I am male I will have to purchase an adjustable seat due to the high front angle

> No top pull brake levers, have to move hands into the drops in order to operate brakes

> Brakes are marginally effective, I’ve had cheaper toy bikes with better brakes. Am going to try different pads.

> To reach higher gears, the left gripshift turns toward you, but the right gripshift turns away from you.

> Considering the frame size would fit an average 6′ tall person, they should have made the handlebar stem an inch or two longer for proper ride height adjustment.

> Due to the handlebar mounted twist grip shifters, there are very limited mounting positions available for accessories. I had to fabricate custom mounts for both my gps receiver and my headlight.

> The pedals are too narrow. I will have to purchase wider pedals. Considering the frame size of the bike, it would be reasonable to provide slightly wider pedals.

best prices on bikes, carbon road bikes, cruiser bikes, bicycles for sale, single speed road bikes, fixie bikes, GMC Denali road bikes

Parts Availability GMC Denali:

I bought this bike with the thinking that for the value if it wore go in a year I may obtain five additional for the value of one entry level road bike at our native bike retailers.

That thinking got tested sooner instead of later. Against my higher judgement, I allowed a relative to ride the bike simply a couple of days when I purchased it. He proceeded to ride into a longways crack in an exceedingly paseo that abrubtly closed up lockup the front tire and inflicting him to rotate over the front of the bike. he’s fine (scraped up), however the bike failed to fare further.

The front rim sustained deep grooves and therefore the entire braking space of the rim was scraped up from the facet of the concrete. The tire was ripped and therefore the tube was perforated, each in many places. The grip shift mechanisms were gouged by the concrete. The rear derailer was bent, knocked sideways, and therefore the spring was knocked off.

Of course, none of this is often the fault of the bike. really i used to be able to reattach the spring and fix the derailer, therefore all i actually required was a replacement front tire (rim, tire, tube, liner). Easier same than done!

None of my three native bike retailers stock twenty eight x 700c tires.

But the larger concern was with the manufacturer, Kent. All the phone numbers on the bike and within the manual refer you to them. I even have still been unable to get components from them, virtually a month later. they’re nice however simply keep speech they’re “waiting for parts”.

In the in the meantime, I ordered another same model bike from Amazon and have already received it and are mistreatment it.

Interestingly, the newest bike has a lot of beefier tires (still an equivalent size). The older model (by one or two of weeks) had terribly sleek tires with no real tread depth. The new bike’s tires have additional meat round the shoulder space and appearance like they’re going to blockage lots higher. The newer tires appear to be of considerably higher quality.

I decide to keep the opposite bike for spare components and {can} continue career Kent so hopefully sometime I can get a replacement front tire.

best prices on bikes, carbon road bikes, cruiser bikes, bicycles for sale, single speed road bikes, fixie bikes, GMC Denali road bikes
Final Thoughts GMC Denali:

Overall i’m very happy with the bike. you simply cannot beat the value. I may obtain five of those bikes together with shipping for the value of the most cost effective bike from my native bike look. getting OEM components is also exhausting to try to to. The bike is light-weight, has superb geartrain, and might be in no time. It goes higher than it stops. commutation many key parts can improve the bike considerably. it’s not good, however after you consider the value, it’s an excellent deal

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