2013 Carrera Kraken Best Mountain Bikers

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Carrera Kraken Best Mountain Bikers is best mountain bike  for under £500. The Carrera Kraken makes light work of rough and hilly terrain with its lightweight frame and Suntour XCR-D hydraulic fork with 120mm travel, damping and lockout

Carrera Kraken has a higher fork than several different bikes in its value vary, and it’s among the few sub-£500 bikes to urge twenty seven gears. With hydraulic braking and nice wheels it’s comparatively light-weight additionally as low-cost.

Ride & handling

Most bikes at this value boast – however seldom come through – 100mm (3.9in) of fork travel. The controlled compression and rebound of the Kraken’s plush 120mm (4.7in) model combines with a compact frame, generous crotch clearance associated sharply treaded tyres to make an surprisingly well controlled ride on trails that square measure usually best avoided on bikes beneath £500.

The fork still shows its limits on rough drops, however it works with the relaxed head angle to reward a additional offensive vogue than on the other bike here. The deep square-edged tyres grip fantastically on softer surfaces and therefore the position adds many comfort, {again|once additional} boosting each the arrogance and therefore the management that comes from having a fork that might generally seem on a motorcycle cost accounting a few of hundred pounds more.

The frame stiffness and overall ride setup build charging across exigent piece of land as deflection-free and controlled as on a way more pricey bike, stressing hard-hitting carefree fun on top of pure race speed. however the affordable weight (13.7kg / 30.1lb), and specifically a below average wheel weight, ensures that acceleration is parky once the requirement arises.

But comfort and shock absorption square measure the Kraken’s biggest attributes. It’s well on top of average for the worth, with solely the unwieldy fork resistance detracting from that. however it’s not very meant for steady urban use thus you won’t want the resistance abundant. As a hard-hitting path machine, we tend to haven’t tested another sub-£500 bike which will bit it.

best mountain bikers,carrera bikes reviews, on sale bikes, bikes for sale,bike sale, for sale bike, mountain biking bikes, performance bikeFrame & equipment :

Okay, the Kraken’s frame could be a bit less sleek and additional competent than some others, however the tubes provide clearances and reinforcements wherever it matters, open-gusseted behind the sandglass formed head tube and bridge-gusseted from the low prime tube across to the extended seat tube.

The Allen key seat clamp faces forward, out of the rear wheel spray, there’s a lot of mud area and there square measure 2 sets of bottle bosses and rack mounts for riders watching utility usage. however the Kraken deserves over spherical city use. With its long plush fork, fat grippy tyres and aggressive ride posture it’s one in every of the few bikes we’ve tested beneath £500 which will handle correct arduous, quick and technical trails.

The fork continues to be associate SR Suntour model, as on most bikes around this value, however it’s the XCR model with a hydraulic resistance, and offers a luxurious accomplishable 120mm (4.7in) of travel additionally as a fairly well controlled rebound.

The rebound continues to be additional spirited than on forks with correct rebound damping however the action is way drum sander and therefore the rebound includes a soft top-out instead of the arduous sound of the XCM model. The preload dial is effective in stiffening/loosening the spring however the resistance could be a bit unwieldy over rough surfaces once employed: we tend to left it off.

Most riders notice SRAM’s X5 drivetrain alittle additional unwieldy than Shimano choices round the same value, however the shifting is reliable and it’s uncommon to seek out 9 rear gears on a sub-£500 bike. The brakes square measure wonderful too, with the 180mm rotor up front adding to power and confidence on descents.

The wheels also are nice. we all know nothing regarding the sturdiness of the no-name hubs however the edges square measure double walled eyeleted models and Continental’s Mountain King two.2in tyres provide nice traction and an outsized enough profile to spice up comfort on rough piece of land. The Carrera branded twenty six.5in bar, stem, saddle and seatpost square measure all smart quality offerings with lots of adjustability.

Image Credit: © Carrera

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