2012 Trek 800 Bike Old Review Until Now

Trek 800 Bike
Trek 800 Bike is old bike, trek 800 launch in 1991 MSRP : $350.00, this is user review about trek 800 ,.
Strengths :  I love my Trek 800 Antelope. Purchased in 1991 and now this. Bicycle frames are difficult and many people know about the bike all the comments about the welding work, and how not to be seen.
My bike has survived the House fires and all rubber and plastic pieces have to be replaced. I live in Montreal Canada and I ride all year round, summer and winter.
In 1991, the store says the bike usually sells for $ 800. but we bought two because they had a sale and sell the bike every half price at $ 400.
This bike has been to hell and back.
I’m wearing the front crank and derailleur twice. I’m on my third network. I wore out the grip hand twice. Both wheels should be replaced because of bearing wheel gets resolved and misleading after years of hard riding. I bought the Bar handle higher because I like the idea of low-high chairs-handle Bar.
I put fenders on the bike and rack in the back of the Saddle-bag and use it for shopping and everything.

Weaknesses: The only weakness I can think off is the fork has to be changed first.
What happened is I saw a funny lady and I do not see where I went up and i hit the bumper of a car waiting at a red light. I was not going fast at all, but the result is that my front tire touches the frame after hit. Another time, cracks in the goose neck. But these two incidents occurred only after I got a bike for years. Gear tooth crack changer side recently lost it 1 2 3 dial, but still change gear fine.
Bikes are lighter than most CCM

Bottom Line:
Great bike for 1991.I am sure there are better bikes at the moment but I see very visible welding on most bikes I saw today.

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