2013 Speed Concept 9 First Look

There are all other carbon triathlon bikes… and then there’s Speed Concept 9 Series. Real-world wins confirm wind tunnel predictions: 9 Series is the fastest bike on the planet.
Attention, speed freaks: we designed and hand built the Speed Concept 9 Series just for you. (Named it after you, too.) Now get out there and make us proud.

Highlights :

Feature tour
Nothing is faster
We’ve tested every major competitor in the wind tunnel, and Speed Concept 9 Series is the fastest. Period.

The best aero integration
Unprecedented integration of brakes, cabling, electronics, and storage dramatically decreases drag and saves time.

The best fit
Speed Concept 9 Series has the largest range of adjustability of any elite tri bike, so you can dial the fit for best comfort and performance.

Hand built in USA
The world’s best carbon craftsmen meticulously hand build each frame from our proprietary OCLV Carbon in our US manufacturing facility.


Source = Trex

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