2013 Trex FX First Look

FX is our most popular bike. And what’s not to love? It has the perfect combination of road bike speed and city bike comfort. We call it a fitness bike, but it’s so much more.
FX is fast, fun, and agile enough for a multitude of uses. Roadies, commuters, fitness fans, errand runners, Sunday riders… everybody loves FX.


Highlights :

Feature tour
Unique FX geometry
We’ve combined our speedy-yet-stable FX geometry with tube shapes inspired by Trek’s road heritage for a lightweight ride that’s fast and fun.

Ride Longer comfort
Vibration-smoothing IsoZone technology and super-comfortable bars and grips encourage you to ride as long as you want.

High-end road bike tech
Our top-end FX models borrow popular road bike tech like an E2 tapered head tube and fork and simple, light 2×10 gearing for a fast, sporty ride.

Get fit, ride to work, pull the kids, haul groceries, cruise the neighborhood, all on FX.


Source = Trex

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