2013 Tern Verge X10 Review

2013 Tern Verge X10 Review – review by admin on ★★★★☆ 4.0

Ride and Handling Tern Verge :

Tern Bike Verge X10 is Associate in Nursing awfully fast very little rig, scooting forward with every pedal stroke Associate in Nursingd maintaining a healthy clip in an efficient-feeling manner that is additional appropriate of a mid-ranged road bike than one thing supposed for travel. maybe most telling is that the incontrovertible fact that we frequently grabbed the Verge X10 if we tend to were running late for one thing (which was just about always).

We attribute abundant of this keenness to the bike’s nine.8kg (21.6lb) total weight, the preposterously stripped rotating mass of the 20in wheels, and therefore the fast roll of the Schwalbe Durano slick tires, though Tern’s work on the futuristic-looking TIG-welded metal frame deserves mention.

Tern bike review

Tern bike review

Tern bike review

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Flex generally is not a drag, despite appearances, significantly for the supposed medium-duty application. No, the single-tube side will not win any stiffness tests however the frame remains amazingly stout, with no displeasing wiggle within the chassis. although the seatpost and stem tower over the remainder of the structure, their monumental diameters feel reassuringly solid.

The little wheels’ small size and stripped mass lack abundant of the inherent stability that comes with full-sized hoops, though, creating for a somewhat darty character and making a serious challenge to riding no-handed, particularly at lower speeds.

Pedaling out of the saddle feels particularly weird as there is nearly no resistance to yanking the wheels out of plane, Associate in Nursingd with the pin purpose most nearer to the bottom than on a full-sized bike there is a sense you’ll endo easier (although that additionally suggests that the Verge X10 is an absolute wheelie monster).

Tern bike review

On the and aspect, that additionally makes the bike unbelievably manoeuvrable and nimble in tight scope, and helps it feel lighter than it’s. you’ll even safely rail corners at high speed however the bike ne’er returns the extent of confidence you’d get from a large machine, and it is vital to not go to sleep at the wheel as you’ll simply veer off line.

Comfort-wise we’ve no complaints the least bit, because the Verge X10 is a straightforward place to pay various time. The ride quality is imposingly firm however muted – even with 90psi within the tires – and therefore the very little wheels even do an affordable job of attempt mid-sized potholes. The moderately upright position is compatible for the task, too.

Frame Tern Verge :

Tern bikes did not build the Verge X10 with 20in wheels only for fun, and therefore the bike’s claim to fame is definitely its trick folding mechanism. Custom protection hinges at the center of the frame Associate in Nursingd base of the stem enable you to collapse the bike into an unbelievably compact package for straightforward transport on a train or bus, or simply for stuffing into the rear of a vehicle.

All told, it virtually takes but fifteen seconds to travel from ready-to-ride to totally folded – and contrariwise – and, even higher, the hinges square measure designed to an adequate degree that there is no clue you are on a folding bike whereas riding it, either.


Tern bicycles has done an honest job on sweating the small print, too. A rubber strap on the bottom of the frame secures the bar in situ once the bike is rolled, magnets smartly keep the bike from flopping open unexpectedly, very cheap of the seatpost helps hold everything upright once rolled, and even the pedals feature quick-release bases to slim things up.

Aside from the folding trick, the Verge X10’s TIG-welded, hydroformed 7005 metal frame is fairly commonplace stuff, though massive cross-sections and therefore the heavily triangulated buns square measure noteworthy for a folder.

Up front there is a straight one 1/8in head tube, the crank rotates within a rib bottom bracket shell, and quick-release dropouts square measure used front and rear – with a narrower spacing up front for a tighter fold.


Equipment Tern Verge :

Folding bikes appear to own a name for being low cost throwaway toys in some circles, however the Verge X10’s specification is something however.

In specific, the wheels square measure customized by headman vocalist, that includes his trademark paired spoke layout, Sapim bladed unstained spokes, special yankee Classic hubs, and a claimed sub-1kg weight.


We found them to be alright engineered, too, simply holding up to everyday abuse. Wrapped round the orange anodized metal rims square measure Schwalbe’s fast-rolling Durano slick tires.

Syntace additionally plays an enormous role, with a custom specification thirty three.9mm-diameter seatpost, a smooth-operating quick-release seatpost collar, Associate in Nursingd an integrated stem-and-bar dance band engineered around its adjustable VRO system. we tend to found all 3 parts to be created and straightforward to regulate – rather like their full-sized brethren.


SRAM handles shifting duties with one X7 trigger shifter, short cage X9 rear derailleur, and 10-speed PG-1050 11-36T container. Shift performance was consistent and precise even with the full-length housing, although, if you wish to criticise, the shift lever action will feel to a small degree low cost.

Braking was sensible however not fantastic, as we tend to expected given the rather average metal linear-pull brakes used. Ashima pads facilitate generate cheap bite however it’s still no hydraulic brakes. That being same, we tend to found the arrangement to be ok for the task at hand.


The only alternative fault was with the FSA Gossamer crank’s 55T single-ring setup. The crank itself has been well-tried to be solid and reliable, however larid uses a disappointingly simple chain guide that simply does not work still because it must. It’s principally fine simply riding around however we tend to were still ready to kick the chain off to the skin on a couple of occasions. Thankfully, it’d be fairly straightforward to repair, though, and there is additionally a braze-on tab if you wish to run multiple chainrings.

Otherwise, even the contact points square measure higher than we might have expected, with supremely comfy Ergon GX1 grips and a awfully corroboratory Persephone Road Performance saddle.


Retail worth for the larid Verge X10 is on the high aspect. In fairness, though, the corporate hasn’t extremely cut any corners and it shows within the bike’s performance on the road. Keen commuters WHO frequently combine their journeys with stints on the bus or train – or maybe simply riders craving for a capable automobile which will match simply into alittle lodging – might definitely do abundant worse.



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