2013 New Trek Fuel EX 8 Review

2013 New Trek Fuel EX 8 Review – review by admin on ★★★★☆ 4.2

Trek Fuel EX 8 sets the bar for mountain bike versatility with a ground-up redesign that brings race-day tech to all-day adventure. Still the go-to full suspension trail bike, only better.

Frame &  Equipment Trek Fuel EX 8 :

Trek Fuel EX 8

With 130mm of rear stroke and 130mm up front the Fuel sits bang within the centre of the do-it-all class for travel, however the wide bar suggests slightly additional perspective and management than you may expect. The proprietary DRCV (Dual Rate management Valve) twin chamber shock additionally extends impact management deeper than you’d expect initially.

In traditional pedalling or rolling things the highest chamber offers a decent and firmly-sprung response that keeps power inputs crisp. This helps offset the high overall weight of the bike on climbs or sprints, to the purpose wherever it’s a surprise what you’ve been dynamical after you choose it up.

If you wallop one thing larger the second chamber of the shock is prodded receptive increase its impact appetence, stopping the large hit vaquero and pinch flat issues you’d otherwise expect from a 130mm 26in-wheeled bike.

The Active Braking Pivot shaft rear pivot and Full Floater shock – it’s squeezed between linkage and also the chainstay tip instead of frame – keep things controlled, buoyant and unaffected by braking. The Evolution-spec damper within the Fox shock felt higher than similar setups in different bikes after we were pushing the pace.

Ride &  Handling Trek Fuel EX 8 :

Trek Fuel EX 8

The exposed rocks of our heavily armoured check trails highlighted a harsher, additional chattery ride than the 650b and 29in wheels created on competitive motorcycle of the Year contenders. The Bontrager rubber offers smart grip and their low weight helps to stay the ride spirited instead of respiratory organ busting on additional stop/start trails.

Add the Shimano based-spec associated you’re staring at a motorbike that’s very well suited to heading out into the hills with a map in your pack and an journey in your head. It felt terribly comfy among the vistas and long winding trails of the second day of untamed, mountain testing. It worked very well on additional natural trails wherever huge hits were typically singular and corners too loose or greasy to load the turn in.

The Trek began to sound out of its depth against the most recent bikes after we got aggressive on path centre piece of land. The DRCV twin chamber fork moves but a typical one once pedalling however swallows larger hits with full-stroke avidity. This reduces loose and chattery corner traction, and also the unforeseen dive comes at simply the purpose you wish to drive the front through berms or keep it high beneath onerous braking.

Trek Fuel EX 8

Even with the broad bar overseeing your steering efforts, the front feels vessel than it’s, with a nervous, unquiet feel in corners if you’re pushing it onerous.

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