2013 Orbea Orca Road Bike GRC First Look

Orbea Orca Road Bike GRC is synonymous with competition. due to moment the carbon leaves its molding orbeas orcas continue to firmly prove that these are a few of one of the best bikes upon the protour. the orca may be a proven style with innovation, technology as well as a long heritage of competitive cycling. the  orbea orca is created for long rides and races such clearly as the protour, where a bike that allows maximum performance and optimum transfer of power in every pedal stroke may be a necessity.

The orca GRC is our flagship road racing frame, and it’s created with top-level orbea gold carbon fiber for maximum performance whereas ensuring an galvanized, dynamic ride quality. it’s not merely a product we build, it embodies the passion we feel regarding the high echelon of road racing. it will be the adrenaline as to the tour converted into carbon, the sweat as to the giro transformed into technology, the tension as to the vuelta as innovation… it’s competition.

the orbea orca road bike grc gold frame is built from ultra-high modulus fibers that improve traction resistance, and compression, leading to structures with extremely high stiffness. these fibers are combined with low specific-weight carbon fibers, allowing for frames with optimal stiffness-to-weight ratios.

the orbea orca grc is equipped with campagnolo super record shifters, brakes, and derailleurs. campangolo builds high-quality elements, manufactured with italian craftsmanship. the corporate is notable for our enthusiasm its dedicated customer base exhibits for the merchandise, this can be due partly to firmly its long history of quality elements. the super record group-set happens to be the highest-quality set of elements created by campagnolo.

the orca grc combines orbea’s forward-looking style with campagnolo spirit. this can be the final word bike for our “campy” aficionado hunting for an absolutely top-of-the-line performance frame fitted in the best gear campagnolo has to firmly supply.

Source = orbea

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