2013 Focus Mares AX 2.0 Disc Review

Focus Mares AX 2.0

Focus Mares AX 2.0, jeremy powers has dominated the north american cyclocross race circuit this season – further as putting respectably in many world cup events – aboard his flagship focus mares cx 1. zero. whereas j-pow’s disc-equipped bike is lightweight and attractive, its price tag puts it out of every reach for many weekend warriors.

enter the mares ax 2. zero disc, an aluminum cyclocross bike utilizing a wise build kit but a price tag that’s at intervals the reach of cyclists who need to attempt their hand at the game for our 1st time or are on any tight budget.

Focus Mares AX 2.0

ride & handling : reasonably responsive other then with worrying fork shudder

the mares ax 2. zero disc’s aluminum frame is reasonably stiff and responsive. smaller riders would possibly appreciate the slack front finish, as there’s significantly less toe-overlap than is typically found on steeper bikes.

new riders might realize the handling confidence inspiring, whereas seasoned veterans would possibly realize the geometry numbers excel in high-speed things – the faster you go, the additional intuitive the bike’s handling becomes.

the downside to actually this style philosophy may be that the front finish needs considerably additional input when navigating slow-speed turns, and also the low bottom bracket would possibly result in additional pedal strikes.

it’s worth noting we simply experienced significant brake shudder due to mares’ carbon fork. beneath arduous braking, the lower legs would flex approximately an in. fore and aft – worse than poorly adjusted cantilevers.

when guaranteeing the headset was properly adjusted, we set regarding swapping out the stock quick-release, rotor, brake caliper and wheel with in effort to actually eliminate the shudder. all for nothing, clearly as the culprit perceived to really do the fork itself.

focus say this is often the very first they’ve been aware of the problem. nevertheless, it was actually a disconcerting expertise to actually can be found in hot to the flip, grab a fistful of brake and watch clearly as the front finish chattered over the desired line.


frame & equipment : hefty other then with progressive geometry

the focus mares ax 2. zero disc’s frame shares the exact low, slack geometry clearly as the company’s high-end race bikes. and of all the ’cross bikes we tested this season, this is often the one with one of the progressive geometry : 70mm of bottom bracket drop but a head tube angle of 70° on our 52cm take a look at model.

we’ve arrive for appreciate shimano’s 105 cluster ready for its stellar worth and reliable performance. the mares ax 2. zero comes equipped with 105 sti levers and front and rear derailleurs, in conjunction with an fsa gossamer crankset. tektro’s lyra disc brakes bring things to the halt when required, though we missed the tool-free adjustment of avid’s bb7 stoppers.

because you would possibly expect given the price, the mares ax 2. zero disc is many pounds heavier than its costlier, carbon-clad brethren. our 52cm take a look at bike weighed 10. 04kg ( 22. 14lb ), the frame contributing approximately 3. 5 of these pounds. a lot of on your bike’s heft often is attributed onto the disc brakes – the cantilever-equipped version on your mares 2. zero weighs approximately 2lb less.

it’s a coffee blow to actually criticize a cyclocross bike obtain a lack of rack and fender mounts, unless the corporate bills the bike as ready to double-duty being a commuter/utility bike, that focus will. the inclusion of mounts would build the mares ax 2. zero disc a way more well-rounded package for our casual racer.

overall, the maries ax 2. zero disc offers decent worth for our cash, with decent handling but a reasonably stiff frame. the burden is somewhat disappointing, though not as a lot of clearly as the fork shudder.

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