2013 Aseako Electric Bicycle User Review

Aseako Electric Bicycle-Review
Aseako Electric Bicycle

Aseako cluster is proud to supply the Aseako electric bicycle for the primary time in Australia. No different electric bike manufacturer within the world can give an electric bicycle Bike as advanced because the Aseako electric bicycle with its distinctive and proprietary Central Drive System.
The future of electrical bikes is here currently. Be one in all the various thousands of individuals rounds the Australia that is changing to Associate in Nursing Aseako electrical Bike as a result of the multiplied force that’s created by our distinctive Central drive System.




32kmh is a comfortable speed with a small amount of assistance from the rider in pedal assist mode.
Maximum Speed is unlimited.


30 – 40km is the expected range on your Electric Bicycle depending on terrain. Please note range will reduce if throttle is used extensively.


Produces 109 N.m of torque

Max Load





200 watt brushless high torque crank motor


36V 10Ah Advanced Lithium Polymer Technology© Quick release Battery


AC 240V “Smart Charger” – allows you to plug your Electric Bicycle into any power outlet to charge.

Power Conrol

Pedelec System Engages the motor when the rider starts to pedal, the motor stops assisting when the rider stops pedaling, or when the brakes are applied. There are 3 levels of power assistance: Low, Med & High.

Throttle Only Use of the Twist throttle located on the left hand grip. No need to pedal, let the motor do all the work. As a guide the bike will travel at approx 27 – 28kmh in throttle only mode, set in 8th gear.



Aluminium Alloy


Zoom 550 Suspension Alloy


Shimano Alivio


Shimano Alivio 8 Speed


Shimano RS410


V-975DK V-Brakes


26 inch HJC DA300


Front & Rear LED’s


27.5kg (24kg without Battery)

>>Very Positive Experience

Athol Morris posted this on Dec 9, 2012
I had an electric bike before this, so I knew what I was looking for. Mainly lighter weight, and not-hub drive. And nice looks, with value for money. So I looked around, and found the Aseako bikes.I was impressed with the pedelec system working through the chain to give more torque, as opposed to the weight distribution anomoly of a hub motor on the wheel. So I ordered one, from the Aseako website (though they were the same price on Ebay).My order was placed by email on a Saturday evening, and the bike arrived on Monday afternoon! I can’t get letters delivered that quickly! Assembly was easy (put the front wheel on a spindle, insert the spindle into the front fork, and put the handlebars in place with the provided allen key – easier than an Ikea project!).

After charging the battery, I rode it to work the next day. Perfect. Fun, handles like an ordinary, albeit a bit heavier than ordinary, but not a problem, bike. I bought the disk brake option as an extra. The bike is heavy, and needs a bit of stopping on a hill. I regard that as $129 well spent.

I live at the top of a steep hill 1kilometer long. Pedalling up that hill on my non-electric bike is not on. I walk. Pedalling the Aseako is easy. It climbs that hill at about 15 to 20 kph, without raising a sweat, but still pedalling, that is, not using the throttle and letting the bike do it all (though you could).

It is well built, solid, well equipped (though the front light, whilst OK on a streetlit road, could be a bit brighter, and the very bright red rear light has no flashing option. But you can add to these, and I have.) The service when you ask questions is instant and helpful, and when I did need a part (a second charger, so I can have one at each end of my regular trip), it arrived the next day also. I wish my office was that efficient.

I enjoy the fun of riding (in nice weather) and not paying for parking. The bike is well made, and reliable. I get 30 to 40 kilometers per charge, and the commute takes me 25 minutes, as opposed to 12 in the car, but then I have to park and walk…) The suppliers are helpful and reliable, and the price is better than reasonable. My research shows that the Aseako is pretty much the same (give or take a few bells and whistles, like mudguards or lights) as a Tonaro Bighit or a Gette, or (in the US), a BMartin. And the price of all of these brands exceeds that of the Aseako. What’s not to like?

(BTW, I am a public servant – not a corporate shill or a troll, which seems to be the usual accusation you get on some other sites if you pose a positive review.

 Reliable, value for money, fun, prompt responses from supplier

 Seat could be more comfy (a lot, actually!), lights not as I woud like them <<


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