2013 Super 8 Enduro Hi-End Bikes

Super 8 Enduro Hi-End Bikes

super 8 enduro

Super 8 Enduro Hi-End Bikes, taiwan is called the production base of hi-end bikes, and traditionally has not abundant out to do with the skills itself.

currently the situation has modified all on account of super 8 enduro race. the very first race in 2010 wasn’t a scheduled one ; it was eventually merely a topic among a few riders on the web. later, it was eventually made a decision to proceed before they will understood if it might even happen or otherwise.

the rules are easy. at intervals the given 8 hours, the one who rides possibly the most laps wins the very first place and therefore forth. when tied on the very same laps, the one who arrives with the end line 1st wins.

super 8 enduro

it was eventually out to everyone’s surprise, over three hundredunited nations monitors. the unarme hundred individuals were there for the very first race. free beer, bbq and buffet lunch created everybody feel at home. the prizes from sponsors kept the participants around till the pick 3 at finished. for best costume, you received a scott scale frame ( riders voted on every contestant ), and it also attracted several riders who liked out to “dress up” whereas riding.

super 8 enduro

this year, riders given by a native club, bike forest, formed a traffic police team of 3 riders. one was disguised just like a police car, another 2 as speed cameras. they will walked along the race trail and had fun along with the racers. they will did this out to mock on those semi-professional riders who started taking part within the whole super 8 last year. bike forest guys thought that these riders were over devoted onto the racing and were missing all the fun and food. it’s all against the spirit in this event ! someone had to inform them into slow down. it looks like taiwan is growing mtb culture of its own kind and will even turn out a few serious racers within the whole future.

super 8 enduro

since taichung bike week shifted their dates earlier this year, several bike trade individuals were in taiwan in the event the super 8 took place. individuals from bionicon, qbp, x-fusion europe, spank and commencal were there having fun too. even mr. max commencal was hanging around enjoying the fun all day long. they will all agreed the draft beer was totally irresistible !

the super 8 enduro race has also been scheduled to bring place upon the second sunday of november annually. therefore mark your calendars and don’t miss it if you are visiting taiwan at this point next year.


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