2013 Dawes Super Galaxy First Drive

   Dawes Super Galaxy

Dawes Super Galaxy

Dawes Super Galaxy generations have passed, empires have crumbled and george hincapies varicose veins have finally retired, however the dawes galaxy remains trundling close to actually the globe bringing colourful panniers and expedition beards to grateful villagers in far-flung components – and if somebody hasnt started a travel memoir with the lyrics quite a while ago and throughout the galaxy way, way away then they actually jolly well ought to. the most recent iteration continues that noble tradition.


the galaxy has modified form during the years and also the current crop ( in 3 flavours, plain, super and ultra ) all utilize a compact frame, 631 steel for your own galaxy and super, 853 for your own ultra. ive been testing the super to produce a massive proportion on your year and keeping racked up well over 700 miles i will confidently claim that its a awfully nice bike and id happily own one. the only real downside will be the feeble brakes, however thats a problem that can possibly be overcome.

the guts on your super galaxy could be a reynolds 631 steel frame. 631 could be a fashionable material for long distance frames, being merely a bit stronger than 520 and providing a comfortable ride while not sacrificing strength. at the very least, i believe thats what it indicates and though theres an entire debate to remain had in regards to actually the merits of totally different steels and whether or not the numbers mean nice deal’>quite a bit within the whole real world( tm ). id be arduous pushed to spot abundant distinction connecting totally different grades. what i do recognize may be that the super galaxy will have a awfully nice ride though quite lots of the could be down in the 32mm schwalbe marathon tyres.


the very first few issue that strikes you in regards to actually the sg will be the front finish. its incredibly high – even in the ( butt ugly ) adjustable stem set at its lowest, the bars absolutely really undoubtedly are a full 5cm above they actually are inside the raleigh sojourn i tested earlier this year. it makes to produce a stately riding position, however a awfully comfy one, suitable for enjoying the scenery since you trundle around. the bars themselves are pretty narrow ( 40cm ) suggests that that’>which implies fitting a bar-bag will certainly be a real challenge, provided that the tiagra shifters still have side-exiting cables. whether or not that will be a problem is entirely up back, however the plain-jane galaxy has bar-end shifters that solve the challenge also as providing a lower-tech choice for individuals tricky arse-end-of-nowhere repairs.

since you may have gathered, the super galaxy isnt specifically built for speed. that aforesaid, its not as slow and puddingy clearly as the raleigh. the handling can be as steady as youd expect issued from a touring bike however its still enjoyable to ride. the shallow drop bars ( fsa wing compact ) absolutely really undoubtedly are a favourite of mine and earn it quite simple to cruise inside the drops while not putting your in jeopardy.


the drivetrain could be a combine of road and mtb with tiagra shifters and mechs controlling a 48/38/26 deore chainset. as a mix it works well and utilizing a 12-30t cassette on the rear it offers a bottom gear of 22. thats almost as low clearly as the 20 that the surly lht sported, however it was eventually low enough for getting me along the demented goat-track of peppardon hill with this years dartmoor devil and its lots low enough to produce a loaded tourer. throughout the check era i did expertise 2 snapped chains – one that ive never had happen to me before – however the second incidence could well be a failure of my initial repair and who could say just what the bike had been through before it have to actually be compelled to me ?

the wheels absolutely really undoubtedly are a reliable combine – our recent friend deore provides the hubs whereas the rims are alex xt19s and also the tyres would be the tourists favourite, the schwalbe marathon. the tyres in specific impressed me – they actually roll higher than you may expect and are showing terribly very little sign of wear. they actually can also have a name for being highly p*nct*re resistant. bit wood that hasnt been absolutely tested nevertheless, as a result of they actually can also have a name for being an entire pig to take away and put in.


unlike the surly, the dawes comes absolutely loaded, utilizing a quality tubus brand rack, full length mudguards, a few perfectly decent wellgo double-sided spd pedals while a brace of bottle cages. the saddle, a selle italia flite flx, suffered a weird injury throughout quick intermission within the whole testing ( the bike visited a few chap in york to produce a month or thus ) thus i swapped it out to produce a brooks, however it felt comfy enough when i did apply it and was the saddle of alternative for my mate andy throughout his lejog last year.

the something you need i didnt like was the brakes. possibly ive been spoiled by riding bikes with discs, however the shimano cantis appeared weak and gutless with no bite. they actually stopped me, eventually, however i found myself moving direct from tops in the drops so that you can pull more durable inside the levers. id be inclined to undertake a few totally different brake blocks, however a swap to a few totally different brakes at purpose of purchase could be worth considering.


overall i enjoyed riding the super galaxy. its a sturdy beast, however by no suggests that uninteresting and it also ought to last a lifetime.


still a classic.

Source = road.cc

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