2013 Mondraker Foxy XR Review

2013 Mondraker Foxy XR Review 4695,00 € Priced  The foxy XR options Mondraker’s new and somewhat moot Forward pure mathematics. currently it’s fully production, we have a tendency to place the foxy XR through its paces.

Ride & handling: Forward pure mathematics influences capability during a great way

Initially, the short 10mm stem took alittle obtaining accustomed, however once we have a tendency to were comfy with it, we actually might unleash the XR’s potential.

Thanks to the rangier cockpit, ascent is very comfy, and once the path gets technical and steep there’s no real front wheel elevate or wander, and it’s straightforward to create tiny weight shifts to assist optimise traction.

It’s once the speed will increase and also the tract becomes additional stringent you get to essentially expertise simply however capable the foxy XR is. The additional neutral riding position that the Forward pure mathematics creates means that offensive the path is simpler than ever and altogether confidence exalting.

Tackling the ugliest of trails at speed might be finished additional finesse and fewer body-English in comparison to similar 140/150mm (5.5/5.9in) travel bikes, that means you’ll go away with additional and ride even quicker. The vessel the path gets, the additional fun the XR is to ride. Turns is lapidarian and speed is handled with lots of stability.

In rougher tract or on huge hits, the progressive nature of the rear suspension means that there’s enough feedback on supply to stay you in tune with what the rear wheel is up to, however there’s still the calmness and visit keep you on top of things.

If you’re upset concerning tighter trails, don’t be. we have a tendency to snaked it down a number of our tightest singletrack with ease and didn’t once even accept the lengthier distance. we might counsel some Locktite for the shock bolts although, as they did loosen off a handful of times too soon.

The 15mm quick-release shaft keeps the Fox thirty four fork stiff however light-weight

Frame & equipment: moot 10mm stem and weird pure mathematics

The big news here is clearly the Forward pure mathematics. wherever the quality foxy comes with a 70mm stem, the XR comes clad with a 10mm stem. however that 60mm isn’t lost, it’s supplemental to the frame’s front centre, making a extended BB-to-front-axle activity that Mondraker claim “offers additional stability, additional reactivity and additional confidence” on the path.

The Kashima coated Fox CTD rear shock plays AN integral half within the Zero mechanical system, dominant the progressive 140mm (5.5in) of rear wheel travel. There square measure ISCG 05 mounts prepared for a guide and a 135mm Maxle rear shaft to assist keep things nice and stiff out back. As you’d expect for the worth, the foxy XR is clad with Fox’s CTD fork and shock, each of that square measure Kashima coated.

The XR has the chunkier Fox thirty four fork with 160mm (6.3in) of travel, instead of the Fox thirty two 140mm (5.5in) travel fork the quality foxy has. For the aggressive riding we have a tendency to had planned, Silverfish fitted AN e*thirteen chainguide, however production bikes really escort a twin-ring setup.

Image Credit: © Mondraker

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