2013 Nitro 9 Norco First Look

The Norco Nitro is a hardtail with racing in its blood. Available in 26” or 29” versions, the bike shares many features with our XC race platform but is priced to make race-ready performance accessible to a wider audience. Blending Norco’s cross-country heritage with our race-proven innovations and wrapping both in the kind of versatile package that today’s riders demand. Give your riding a Nitro boost today.

Meet the perfect all-around hardtail: cross country heritage mixed with a versatile soul. With a tapered head tube and double-butted aluminum frames, the NITRO series is lightweight, strong and responsive. Enter a weekend race, rip trails with friends or just go for a spin — wherever and whatever you ride, the NITRO is just right. Intended Use: XC racing, trail riding.


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Strengths:    Brakes, frame, forks, wheels…it’s all good for the price.

Weaknesses:    Saddle is not very comfy….maybe I’m a different shape to the saddle 🙂

Bottom Line:   Fantastic value for money…good quality components for the money. You’d have to spend a lot more to get anything much better. For cross country riding it’s fabulous. I’ve read reports that the WTB wheels aren’t particularly strong but I’m guessing that only applies if you’re trying to use this cross country machine for downhill racing or jumps etc.

I’ve done a few downhill runs (went round the jumps) in Williams Lake West syde with no problems. Nitro Niner is super stable, climbs well, has no obvious limitation to handling due to the bigger wheels….I’d say it’s steering is just a quick as a good hardtail 26er. In fact I’d say it makes a mockery of most of the arguments against 29ers. All in all I’m very pleased indeed with my Nitro Niner.
The only thing I may change in the future is the saddle although I am finding that it feels very different with slight adjustments to position and angle. I may yet find a position/angle where it’s comfy!

By = Colin a Cross Country Rider from Williams Lake

  1. Double-butted and formed alloy frame: an XC race frame that is stiffer, lighter and stronger
  2. Tapered head tube: stiffer front end = more control, more responsive handling
  3. 26” or 29” wheels: there’s a Nitro model to suit just about any rider, big or small
  4. Race-inspired drivetrains: more power transfer so you can ride faster, longer
  5. Post-mount rear disc brakes: creates a stronger, lighter structure and reduces harmonics
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