2013 Best Bike Lights

Best Bike Lights

A little review of wimbike about some bike lights used in wimbike therefore entitled Best Bike Lights wimbike version that will hopefully help you buy a light for your beloved bike

Lumicycle LED3SI Elite26

£200 / $317

Amazingly well built, with excellent visibility and more than enough power for riding as quick as you want, and yet this Lumicycle light manages to be adaptable enough through the four output settings to be great around lit town streets too. The quality of the beam pattern and the visibility it offers thanks to the Glow-Ring lens bezel more than make up for two shortcomings: to get into flashing mode with the light on, you have to turn it off, and the

mounting isn’t one-size-fits-all. www.lumicycle.com


CatEye Econom (front) and Rapid 3 (rear)

£59.99/ $97


CatEye’s Econom front light has a useful beam pattern which is friendly to other road users and offers just enough power for riding quite quickly on road. Windows on the side of the light add a little to the already-good peripheral visibility. This set mates it with CatEye’s Rapid 3 rear light, which offers great visibility without being too in-your-face. All this is topped off with the top quality construction we’ve come to expect from CatEye. And the rear light switches back on in the mode in which it was turned off. www.cateye.com / www.zyro.co.uk



Revolution Flash Silicone

£9.99 / $16.10


With front and rear lights offered separately, these lights pack quite a punch for the money. The front lens focuses the single LED into a direct and powerful light and is just enough forurban commuting. The light has two constant modes, and one flashing. In the constant setting it ran for two hours 30 minutes, and nearly 12 hours in flashing mode. The rear light also has two modes, constant and flashing. They’re guaranteed for 500 recharges. www.edinburghbicycle.com


£10.99 / $20


These lights may have a novelty skull-shaped silicone casing but the powerful LEDs inside are impressively bright. The lights offer excellent visibility but, as the LEDs are exposed and not behind a lens, you can’t use the front light to see with. Claimed runtime is 100 hours – we ran them for 24 hours on constant without any drop in brightness. The long hook-eyed loops mean these will fit to almost anything. www.skully.com.tw / www.ison-distribution.com


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