2013 Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 929 3 Bike Preview

Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 929 3 Bike Towball Carrier is a fantastic alternative to roof mounted racks which can be tricky to load and can interfere with fuel consumption.Thule are known for producing some of the most impressively engineered racks on the market, with designs for every possible type of mounting option. The 929 Euroclassic G6 is a flagship model, with a good number of bells and whistles and even more available as optional extras.

It’s a three bike rack, but with the option of increasing the load by another bike if you use an additional adapter. It’s made predominantly from aluminium, along with other high tensile materials to keep the weight down. It fastens onto the tow bar with a lever, which locks, to keep security and confidence levels high

The 929 Euroclassic G6 comes with three detachable, adjustable arms for securing bikes, which also lock on to the rack using the same key that locks the rack onto the car. The troughs for the bike wheels are detachable, and wheels are securely fastened in the troughs by means of plastic ratcheting straps.

Having used other tow bar mounted bike racks, I was genuinely impressed with how easy the Thule was to fit, both initially and thereafter. Once fitted, the whole rack felt secure and stable, with no wobble, and being nice and low (a bonus of tow bar mounted racks) it was easy to pop the bike into the wheel trough.

The bars adjusted easily and secured to the bike with no trouble as well, also locking with the key.

 Feature Thule :

  • Exclusive LED-lights together with timeless design give the carrier an exceptional appearance and high visibility.
  • Aluminum and other high-tensile, lightweight materials have been used for this premium carrier.
  • Smart and innovative pump buckles for wheel straps for most comfortable and secure fastening of wheels with durable wheel straps
  • The one-hand-coupling requires very low closing force, is still giving the highest stability and safety possible and attaches to the towbar within seconds.
  • Foot-pedal-tilt for easy and convenient boot access while the carrier and bikes are mounted. A built-in stop prevents the bikes from touching the ground. The wide tilt-angle enables opening of even very large rear-doors without interfering with the carrier (e.g. VW T5).
  • The maximum weight per bike is as high as 25 kg, enabling transport of E-Bikes/Pedelecs.
  • With unique, detachable bike frame holders that can easily be removed, then returned in position after the bikes are loaded. A feature that makes loading of bikes faster and much more convenient. With rubber surface for protecting the bike frames. Fits all bike frames up to 80mm.
  • The load capacity of the bike carrier can be increased by one bike (to 4 in total), by adding Thule Bike Adapter (9281, RRP $269.00).
  • Carrier lockable on towbar and all bikes lockable to carrier withone key – compatible with “Thule-One-Key-System”.
  • Wide wheel trays with increased distance enable transport of sturdy bikes with large wheelbases.
  • Folds flat for easy storage, compact enough to be kept in the trunk of the car.
  • Product uses a 7-pin power plug, for having a full set of lights on the carrier.
  • Avoid heavy lifting. Simply roll the bike in place into the carrier by using the Loading ramp (9152, RRP $85.00).

Product Specifications  Of  Thule:

Load Capacity Bikes3(up to 4 bikes with adapter)
Load Capacity (kg)60 kg
Weight (kg)19.4 kg
Fits frame dimensions (mm)22-80 mm
For E-bikesFor E-bikes
Detachable frame holdersDetachable frame holders
Locks bike to carrierLocks bike to carrier
Locks carrier to carLocks carrier to car
One Key System compatibleOne Key System compatible
Tiltable with bikesTiltable with bikes
Fits cars with exterior spare tyreYes, Adapter Required (9042, RRP $125.00)
Rear LightsRear Lights
TÜV/euroBE approvedTÜV/euroBE approved
Fulfils City Crash NormFulfils City Crash Norm
MiscellaneousWith LED lights. Maximum weight per bike is 25kg, 15kg for Adapter 9281.
For More Information : http://www.thule.com.au

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