2013 SRAM Red hydraulic disc brakes-Overview

SRAM Red hydraulic disc brakes

SRAM Red hydraulic disc brakes

SRAM red hydraulic hasn’t formally declared the approaching Red hydraulic disc brakes and matching levers, however we all know they are deep in development. currently we’ve noticed them come in public at an area cyclocross race in Castle Rock, Colorado – shortly from SRAM’s brake headquarters in city.

The new SRAM Red hydraulic brake levers have the same outward cant as the mechanical version

It still feels as if there is some refinement to try and do (we squeezed the levers however didn’t have an opportunity to really ride them). however it’s as if they are invitingly near being finished. SRAM is not formally discussing them however many details are often discovered simply by observation.

“Right currently we’re not very talking regarding it, however it has to be out there and tested,” aforementioned Avid product manager Paul Kantor.

Massive lever bodies with vertical hydraulic cylinders


The new SRAM Red hydraulic levers feature a prominent bump up front, to house the master cylinder

The new levers have AN outward cant

The current SRAM Red DoubleTap levers do not leave abundant space within the bodies for master cylinders, therefore the new hydraulic levers sport Brobdingnagian extensions up front to deal with the extra guts. we tend to weren’t able to pull the hoods back to examine what was occurring beneath however, given the packaging needs, we’re presumptuous the cylinders sit during a vertical orientation with the levers pushing on them from below – style of like a passionate Elixir wheel lever turned sideways.

While the new form is also offputting to some viewers, the hood form continues to be near-identical to this Red levers. If something, the protrusion ought to lend a firmer grip to a grip several riders already use.

Otherwise, the shifter paddle appearance and feels just like the quality Red setup, and that we expect the same old freelance brake and shift lever reach changes.

While the current SRAM Red lever hoods are textured, this version of the hydraulic levers is smooth

Lever feel was a bit obscure on the sample we tend to vie with, however it’s still in example kind. On the and aspect, the lever throw looks laudably short, and by putting the pivot purpose far-off from the bar we tend to expect sensible leverage from the hoods.

Two-piece cast atomic number 13 two-piston calipers

Barring any major changes moving forward, the new SRAM Red hydraulic disc calipers can use a compact two-piece style with cast atomic number 13 construction, Ti hardware throughout, and twin pistons. The new pads square measure top-fed through giant windows for straightforward replacement and affordable flowing, though to our eyes it seems that it is a new commonplace that won’t shared with any current Avid brake.

The SRAM Red hydraulic disc brake caliper is impressively tidy, with a keen two-tone finish that matches the rest of the group

SRAM additionally looks to own fitted the new Red hydraulic disc caliper with a beefier pad spring – presumptively to encourage piston retraction and boost rotor clearance – there is a rotating inboard atomic number 13 hose stringed instrument for additional versatile routing choices and, like Avid’s latest wheel disc brakes, there are not any cycle per second washers sandwiching the caliper.

Other details like retail valuation, claimed weights, and projected accessibility square measure still unknown at this point however we tend to expect additional data no later than April 2013.

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