2013 Specialized Pro Long Sleeve Jersey

the specialized pro long sleeve jersey is a superb no-fuss high for cooler weather, particularly if you do like red.

made out of power dry soft fabric the pro jersey could be a cosy high. with an inner brushed fleece as well as a waffle textured outer its perfectly suited to actually chillier days.

fit is comfortably fitted while not being too ridiculously racing-snake tight and its not too bulky to actually sit below different clothes for mid-layer mid-winter warmth either. riders with long arms will rejoice as a result of pro jersey has proper length sleeves that extend all the approach in the wrist and on a hand, no jersey warmth is cancelled out by freezing wrist-gap here. hooray !

the collar rests high enough by the neck to actually keep a north-easterly at bay however the full length zip has no zip-dock high or bottom, that’s an odd omission nowadays. how did we ever live while not them ? the hem is decorated along with the specialized brand picked out in silicone to actually stop things from slipping regarding.

the 3 rear pockets are generous enough to simply hold all the additional bikey bits and clothing accessories you may need taking with you on nippier days, and that they dont go all saggy with weight. once once more its kept straightforward back there with no additional secret pockets, zipped waterproof compartments or pump sleeves, only slightly cats bottom hole in the very best hand pocket obtain a headphone wire to actually thread through from no matter device you like. theres a corresponding very little cable clip up via the neck to actually keep the wire available too.

in case the terribly red with white slashes as to the jersey isnt visible enough to simply alert even the foremost myopic of motorists to actually your presence, reflective slashes cut across the front and rear along at the arm/shoulder junction and of course the high as to the pockets feature a reflective band of piping. and, the rear of the very best fore-arm uses a sublimated reflective specialized brand on it. if this red doesnt match your seasons tonal palette the jersey is likewise offered enduring an much more eye-popping yellow/black colour, in addition to an apparent stealth black possibility, which should go with something.

the nicest factor in regards to the specialized jersey is its simplicity. theres terribly very little within the whole solution to pointless flim-flam or extraneous features. when its a trifle nippy out and you only need a jersey that fits and keeps you warm the pro jersey is the very first off of the clothing pile. throw a gilet in the high to actually keep the wind off and youve got yourself a clothing combo thatll see you throughout the equinoxal seasons.


a warm and comfortable long sleeved jersey which will appeal to actually those who just like a fuss free, brand lite high with proper length arms.

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