2013 Novatec Craft W999 Wheels Preview

2013 Novatec Craft W999 Wheels Preview – review by admin on ★★★★☆ 4.0

Novatec Craft

Novatec Craft W999 is Big. Black. Sexy in that strangely alluring hot bike stuff way. Up to now, due to considerations of stiffness and problems in construction, traditional carbon hubs have been made by wrapping carbon fiber around a metal core. However, Novatec’s engineers put their heads together and came up with a totally carbon fiber hub.
This allows riders to interchange the cassette body without having to change the hub. So the hub, thanks to the unique cassette Locking Adjustment System (LAS), lets you choose between a SRAM/Shimano or Campagnolo cassette.

Novatec Craft W999

The 99mm deep carbon rims take hollow tyres thus you’ll ought to get Novatec’s W250 85mm deep wheels if you wish to run clinchers. The large fat carbon body hubs mean they’re not as serious as they appear at 807g front and one,014g rear.

Short, stiff bladed spokes mean they accelerate pretty much and switch exactly for deep wheels too. snaky grooves moulded into the rim flanks helps to stiffen the rim and swish overall flow that creates them slightly less stubborn to show than standard flat wheels.

They’re never as crosswind-friendly because the latest fat solid rims, though, and their serious stiffness makes long rides on a stiff bike fairly masochistic even with tubs.

Novatec Craft W999

The Final Verdict

Novatec Craft W999 Is there a drawback on these? Couldn’t find it. Just don’t try them on a 15km descent. Or climb, for that matter. They did everything they were supposed to. The hubs really make the difference, it’s very simple. Novatec is onto a winner here..,

Novatec Craft W999

The Basics

Full Carbon Tubular Wheelset

1. Full-carbon wheels with 99mm profile and aerodynamic 3D rim surface
2. Wheels are built with high aerodynamic and extra light weight carbon spokes
3. Carbon Craft hubs are in aerodynamic oval shape for lower side wind drag
4. Hubs are with Japanese sealed bearings for smooth rotation
6. Rear hub with L.A.S. (Locking Adjustment System) provide high stability to axle system

Novatec Craft W999

ETRTO 632-21

Front: 749g
Back: 1031g

Front: 8 x 216mm
Back: L:  10 x 204mm  R: 10 x 210mm

Front: Tubular, Full Carbon
Back: Tubular, Full Carbon

Front: 1 piece rim
Back: 1 piece rim

Front: XA901CB 2SB
Back: XF902CB 4SB

Front: Alloy, 9x100x108mm
Back: Alloy, 10x130x140mm

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