2013 Lightweight Fernweg Clinchers Introduction

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Lightweight Fernweg

WimBike have already taken a good look at Lightweight Fernweg tubular wheelset, and we’ve even reviewed a Fernweg tubular rear wheel combined with the company’s Autobahn VR front. But a new product for 2013 is this clincher version, claimed to combine a market-leading stiffness to weight ratio with strong aerodynamic performance.

The new Lightweight Fernweg will be exclusively available for viewing by the public in our shop. The German engineered & manufactured wheel brand Lightweight is now available in a new, revolutionary design, complimenting our recent re-launch of the Standard C, and our new interactive website.

The technicians from Lake Constance have been working flat out to come up with new, market leading designs, and are now entering new territory with their first aero-model: The Fernweg. That’s reason enough for us to invite you to take a first-look at this incredible 1300 gram, 81mm deep race-ready wheel set.

Be there: Get your hands on the new wheel, which is one of the first sets to be seen anywhere in the world, when we present the Lightweight Fernweg.

Fernweg sets a new benchmark in the field of aero wheels and combines our core strengths of carbon composite engineering and production. With Fernweg, we have remained true to our Lightweight motto: build the best wheels in the world that combine the three key performance factors of low aerodynamic drag, low weight and maximum stiffness. In wet conditions, our unique carbon fibre rim construction gives you a totally closed system.

The 16-spoke front wheel weighs in at a claimed 640g, while the 20-spoke rear hoop is said to tip the scales at just 715g – that’s just 1,355g for a pair! Both wheels are 81mm in depth and use a 19.5mm rim, useful for tyres between 19 and 27mm in width. They come with a 100kg (220lb) rider weight limit and will set you back £4,399 / US$6,200.

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